Miss Sarah Hogan

Miss Hogan is the Director of Religious Education for the parish and school of St. Vincent de Paul where she also teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade religion. She has been an educator since 2003 after earning her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Bradley University. She also attended St. Xavier University where she obtained her Masters in Teaching and Leadership. 

St. Vincent de Paul is home to Miss Hogan in more ways than one. Not only has she spent her entire teaching career here at St. Vincents, but she has been a parishioner since birth which gives her a very special love for St. Vincent de Paul. She often says that St. Vincent de Paul has become a part of her. 

All of Miss Hogan’s tasks center on making the love of Jesus present. Whether she is planning retreats for faculty or students, leading staff or students in prayer, planning religious devotions for the parish and school, or preparing students for sacraments, all of her daily tasks flow from, and are pointed to, her sacrifice at daily Mass and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. 

Miss Hogan believes that God has called her to spiritual motherhood to the students He entrusts in her care. With that in mind, she strives to make her classroom a place in which each student can encounter the love of Christ and the beauty and goodness of the Catholic Church. She wants each of her students to know that they are loved and are loveable, no matter what they carry with them. She loves to tackle the big questions of life like: Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is love? How should I live? You might even find her class dancing and singing from time to time as she loves to incorporate fun into teaching, and let her students witness the joy of a true Christian. 

When she is not teaching or serving the parish needs, you most likely will find Miss Hogan cooking. She loves to entertain guests at a meal she prepares and has a standing Sunday dinner she makes for her closest of friends. You might also find her spending time with one of her many nieces and nephews as she upholds her title as “favorite aunt”! 

Miss Hogan makes her classroom unique by teaching that our Catholic faith is not boring! It is alive, relative, fulfilling and can be lived authentically. You often hear her say that, “we are in the business of making saints here at St. Vincent de Paul!” So let’s get to the making!





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