Mrs. Andrea Turner

Mrs. Turner is a part-time Teacher’s Aide for Pre-K at SVdP.  She is blessed to be with her little friends three afternoons each week.  She is a 1992 Graduate of Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.  She attends Mass weekly and both of her children were/are students at SVdP.

Mrs. Turner believes that the foundation of a good faith begins early.  She promotes behavior that would reflect that belief by encouraging her students to be loving, caring and accepting of each other regardless of their differences.  Mrs. Turner’s favorite saint is St. Anthony  (she does tend to lose things from time to time) and her favorite prayer in today’s challenging world is the prayer to St. Michael.

Mrs. Turner enjoys spending time with her husband, Craig and her daughters, McKenna and Addison.  They also have a dog, Bentley, who she claims gets more attention than any of them.  Mrs. Turner spends a lot of her extra time volunteering at SVdP.  She is currently the Assistant Cheer Coach for the 8th Grade Cheer Team.  Her other hobbies include baking and cake decorating, reading, piano, family vacations and arts and crafts.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.”  -Dr. Seuss   Mrs. Turner loves watching little minds blossom and grow.  She is amazed to watch the children start the year timid and unsure and end the year confident and ready to conquer kindergarten. She is thrilled to be part of the pre-school program since 2016.















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