Our Catholic Identity

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School builds a Christ centered atmosphere by incorporating the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church into every aspect of the curriculum and students’ lives.  As a faith community, the students, teachers, staff, and school families at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School are active participants in their faith life and support one another in their spiritual formation.  Catholic Identity is a strong and most essential component of our school community.  Catholic morals and values are emphasized through daily practice and prayer, imbedded in the curriculum, and experienced through participation in the sacraments and service endeavors. This builds a Christ centered atmosphere by incorporating the teachings of the Church into every aspect of the curriculum and students’ lives.

This Catholic Identity is the foundation of our success.  The teachers on staff are instrumental in modeling the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church and include Catholic values and morals in all areas of the curriculum. The physical appearance of the school also portrays our Catholic Identity through icons, statues, crucifixes, and other Catholic imagery. 

The Catholic faith is actively lived in our school by both teachers and students to provide experience and instruction so that the graduate of St. Vincent’s will have:

  • learned God’s message as proclaimed by the Church
  • realized Jesus’ presence in prayer and worship
  • experienced community by witnessing to Jesus through word and deed among classmates and the larger community
  • learned the essentials of Catholic doctrine



By the end of elementary school, students:

  • Will have planned and participated in prayer services and liturgies
  • Will have learned formal prayers and grown accustomed to praying spontaneously
  • Will have learned the principle teachings of the Church as taught by Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Will understand and be able to explain the life of Jesus and His part in God's plan for salvation
  • Will have participated in social action projects
  • Will have prepared for and received the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation
  • Will have learned the elements of appropriate behavior in church – reverence in prayer, posture, genuflection, silence, and the like
  • Will have learned about other Christian and non-Christian faiths



All-School Masses are held each Friday or on Holy days.  Special liturgical celebrations will be scheduled during the year.  All parents, including Non-Catholic parents, are invited to join in these activities.  

A Take Cover Plan has been implemented at church.  Please click here to view the map of our church and familiarize yourself with where you would take cover in the event of an emergency. 



  • Weekly all-school Mass            
  • Monthly all-school rosary



Advent Devotions

  • Advent wreath lighting and prayer service – each Monday morning of Advent
  • Advent confessions

Lenten Devotions

  • Ash Wednesday all-school Mass
  • Adoration and Benediction weekly during Lent
  • Stations of the Cross – led by 6th, 7th, and 8th graders three times during Lent
  • Lenten confessions
  • The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is substituted for the rosary during Lent



  • Back to school confessions
  • Celebration for Feast of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Feast of St. Francis Assisi Animal Blessing
  • 40 Days for Life Devotions
  • All Saints Day Mass, Celebrations and Classroom Activities feature the lives of the saints
  • Epiphany Classroom Blessing
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Feast of St. Blaise – Blessing of the Throats
  • May Crowning


RETREATS AND SERVICE:  Students will participate in Religious Retreats before First Communion, Confirmation, and Graduation.  Students will be required to perform 20 service hours during their preparation for Confirmation.


2nd Grade - First Communion Retreat (on site)

7th Grade – Confirmation Kick Off Retreat – Community of St. John

8th Grade –Confirmation Retreat (on site)

8th Grade – Chastity Retreat

8th Grade – Graduation Retreat

*A faculty retreat is held each year as well.


  • St. Vincent de Paul Society – Throughout the year the school supports the St. Vincent de Paul Society with collections of cans and household materials.
  • Canned Food Drive
  • Donation of Decorated Lunch Sacks to Sophia’s Kitchen
  • First and third graders are partnered with Rosewood Nursing Home – These grades often send notes, cards, table centerpieces, etc. to the nursing home. The classes also go to visit or sing to the residents.
  • All classes help maintain the Schoolyard Habitat
  • First grade helps with planting and pruning parish grounds.
  • Fifth and sixth grade students participate in KidKnits.
  • Fourth grade holds a bake sale each year and donates to a charity of their choice.
  • Fourth grade students visit the elderly at St. Bernard’s Parish.
  • Seventh grade students serve weekly at the Missionaries of Charity Soup Kitchen

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