At St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School we pride ourselves on the excellent academic achievement of our students. The partnership among our supportive parish families, dedicated faculty and staff, and engaged students allows for great academic success.  We utilize Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) and Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing as our standardized assessment tools. The rigor and accomplishment of our academic program at St. Vincent is demonstrated in consistent achievement on standardized assessments. We consistently score above local and national standards. Students in 5th and 8th grades take the diocesan religion assessment, Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education (ACRE).   

The assessment tools we use also provide information that identifies students who may require resource or Title I services along with aiding teachers in creating differential strategies to address the specific needs of specific students.  Our students score high on MAP testing and ITBS composite testing scores for our Third, Fifth and Seventh Grade Students is over the 60th percentile nationally.  
We are implementing a Response to Intervention Program (RTI) time in our schedule for students in kindergarten through fourth grade and have trained faculty on the use of AIMSWEB as a progress monitoring tool. 

Example RTI Programs include:

  • Resource Teacher
  • Differential Instruction
  • 504 Learning Plans


In addition, we offer the following programs to enrich academic excellence:

  • Spanish for K through Eighth Grade
  • Technology for K through Eighth Grade
  • STEM for K through Eighth Grade
  • Art for K through Eighth Grade
  • Music for K through Sixth Grade
  • Musical Production for Fifth through Eighth Grade

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