Special Services

At St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School we feel every child is unique, and we respect the diversity of the talents within its school family. St. Vincent has many avenues in which to service students with special needs.  Differentiated instruction is used within the classroom setting. Resource instruction is provided by our full time resource teacher.  Our Title I Tutor also provides instruction as needed. Our educators strive to progress our special needs students to reach their personal academic potential.

We are fortunate to work with an educational team through Peoria Public Schools District 150 to identify students with special needs and thereby channel them to appropriate services and develop an educational plan to support any necessary accommodations.

The Resource Teacher is actively involved with student's formal plans such as an Individualized Service Plan, an Individualized Education Plan or a Section 504.  These plans are supported within our building by our own St. Vincent de Paul Learning Plan.

Please consider visiting our school to explore the educational resources we have to offer your child.

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