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What is SCRIP?
SCRIP is a term that means "substitute money." When you purchase SCRIP, you're purchasing negotiable gift cards that are used just like cash. You can use SCRIP to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing and other essentials, and with every purchase you earn revenue for our Parish and School!

How it works!
The SVdP Women's Guild purchases gift cards, to have on-hand, from a variety of retailers at a reduced cost (can be up to 2 to 15% or more). The Guild then sells the gift cards at face value to the Parish and School families who want to participate. The difference is kept as revenue.

What's the catch?
There is no catch! You simply purchase SCRIP gift cards at face value and use them as cash to purchase your everyday needs.

Where does the Revenue go?
St. Vincent de Paul Parish and School families will buy the gift cards at face value, the Women's Guild keeps the difference as revenue and we split (50/50) the revenue with the families that participate. Families will receive their revenue in the form of a Tuition Rebate for the following School Year's tuition.

What if I do not have a student?
No students at SVdP School – no problem! You can have your rebate distributed to another family that attends SVdP School or your rebate will go 100% back to the Parish and School.

A look at the SCRIP Math

                                                             Amount Purchases per Week         Total Rebate per Week

Groceries     HyVee - 3%                  $                                    100.00           $                            3.00

Gas                Shell - 2%                    $                                      50.00           $                             1.00

Restaurant    Panera - 9%                 $                                     25.00           $                             2.25

Retail Store  Kohls - 4%                   $                                       50.00           $                             2.00

                                                             $                                   225.00           $                               8.25

Total Rebate per Week             $   8.25

Total Earned for Month             $ 33.00 

Total Earned for Year                $396.00

Amount to Tuition                      $198.00


How to Order SCRIP?

SCRIP gift cards will be available for purchase after all weekend Masses with the exception of:
Saturday 7:30PM – only 1x monthly
Special Occasion Masses such as 1st
Communion or Graduation

Just simply select the gift cards you want to purchase from the SCRIP table at the back of the church and utilize as cash!

If retailer is not available in our on-hand inventory, we will gladly order it for you with our weekly order to have for you later that week.

You can also purchase SCRIP online at utilizing Presto Pay and order will be to you when our weekly order is placed.

Another great tool to have your SCRIP gift card instantly online is to utilize ScripNow!

Methods of Payment
- Check (payable to SVdP Womens Guild Scrip)
- Cash (only after Masses)
- Presto Pay

How to Sign-up Online?
- Go to

- Click "Register" on top of webpage and then select "Join a Scrip Program"

- Use enrollment code L2834BC421678

- Fill out the Register form to create your profile

- Be sure to list your children's names when it asks for "student." (This will help us keep track of where future tuition rebates will be applied)

- Once account created, setup "Presto Pay" by going to your Account Settings/Profile

- Under Account Settings/Profile click on "Family Functions" on left hand side to expand list and select "Presto Pay"

- Click "Presto Pay" and follow instructions

- Once the Presto Pay process is complete – you will be able to order SCRIP!!!

Any questions or concerns please contact St. Vincent de Paul Women's Guild Linsey Kauffman, Fundraising VP or 309-453-7760.


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