The lunch costs are:

1) Hot lunch (milk included) remains at $2.75 per lunch.

2) Extras remain at $1.00

3) The cost for milk for cold lunch remains at 50¢.


St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School Lunch will work as a Family Lunch Account under this system:

1) MONEY – parents deposit money for ALL hot lunch, cold lunch milk, and extras into a Family Lunch Account. See below for how to deposit lunch money.

2) ORDER – students (through attendance with teachers each morning) and/or parents (through ParentsWeb – see below for how to order from home) order the days they want hot lunch, cold lunch milk, and/or extras.

* This is strictly to give the lunch manager an idea of how much food to prepare. NO account will be charged off of the orders but ordering must be done to be included in the lunch count.

3) VERIFICATION - when your student goes through the hot lunch line or cold lunch milk line, their ID card (kept in kitchen at all times and handed to them before they go through the lunch line) will be scanned for verification and charging purposes.

4) PAYING –your Family Lunch Account will be deducted the appropriate charge amounts based on the lunch verification (by scanning that he/she received what he/she ordered) NO Family Lunch Account will be charged until AFTER it has been verified that your student received their order. This helps account for those students who order but for some reason did not get their order due to absence or whatever.

Family Lunch Account balances and charges are available to be viewed via the ParentsWeb, FINANCIAL, Prepay Accounts. 


 Lunch menus can be viewed here on the website or on ParentsWeb, under Student Information tab, Lunch.

* The hot lunch program will commence on Thursday, Aug. 19th.

Lunch Menu



The St. Vincent de Paul Hot Lunch Program is a scanning system used for hot lunch, extras, and milk (for cold lunch). There is no exchange of money in the cafeteria. Your student/s' ID card (every student has an ID card kept in the cafeteria) is scanned for their purchases and then charged to your FAMILY LUNCH ACCOUNT. Money is then deducted from your FACTS Prepay Family Lunch Account. Family Lunch Account balances and charges are available to be viewed via ParentsWeb, FINANCIAL, Prepay Accounts. 

Depositing Money into Family Lunch Accounts:

There are two ways to put money into your Family Lunch Account for your student/s lunch charges.

1) Log into ParentsWeb, click on the "FINANCIAL" link.  Your personal FACTS home page will appear and you can add money into a prepay account or

2) Send money into the school office (if sending cash you MUST put in an envelope with your Family Name clearly marked)  


Your Family Lunch Account will NOT be charged for orders. Family Lunch Accounts are charged AFTER orders have been VERIFIED that the student received them.

1) Parents Web

2) Student Information tab

3) Lunch Calendar & Order tab (bottom, middle of screen)

4) Click on correct Month – 

5) Create Web Order tab (bottom, middle of calendar) 6) Blue Lettering for each Student (at top of the week) – order for each student individually by scrolling down to the blue lettering. YOU MUST ORDER MILK FOR DAYS STUDENT BRINGS A COLD LUNCH (unless they bring their own drink or want water). You MUST "order" just milk if that is what your student wants to drink.

7) Order Items (very bottom at end of all your student/s) - screen will show:

Web Orders Created: Total value of unprocessed ordered items is and then has a tab to the PayNow.


Worker help:

Anyone interested in being a kitchen worker (11 AM -1 PM), please contact the school office at 691-5012 for more information.


Free/Reduced Lunch Information:

21-22 Free Parent Letter, Instructions, and Application

21-22 Reduced Parent Letter, Instructions, and Application


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