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St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School strives to make Catholic education affordable to all families. Annually, over $100,000 is awarded in scholarships to help offset the tuition costs to all families enrolled at St. Vincent de Paul.

FACTS – GRANT AND AID APPLICATIONS exist for the equitable assessment of parish families in particular need. Those parish families believing that their particular situation warrants a further reduction in tuition must FIRST apply for the John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship using the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to meet all the requirements for tuition financial assistance.

Your FACTS application is due by April 15th for the John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship as well as from the parish. The results of the FACTS findings will be reviewed by the Pastor of SVdP and representatives of the St. Vincent de Paul Finance Commission. Following the review, each applicant family will be notified of their applicable tuition reduction. The reduced tuition level is paid through the Automatic Debit system.

John Lancaster Scholarship Protocols and Procedures

Checklist for a Spalding Scholarship Application

FACTS website


ILLINOIS "INVEST IN KIDS ACT" -  Applicant and Donor Information

Donors Needed for Historic Catholic School Scholarship Opportunity – "Invest in Kids Act"
The "Invest in Kids" tax credit application for individual and business taxpayers is available through MyTax Illinois as of January 2nd, and tax credits are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. All donors need to have an account with Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) before you can request to contribute to the scholarship program. This should be established now at as it can take 7-10 days to establish an account. Designate your donation for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School to provide tuition scholarships for area families wanting a Catholic education who are unable to afford it for their children. For more information, visit or and select CATHOLIC EDUCATION or contact Mr. Russ Courter, Director of Diocesan Parish and School Finances, or Dr. Susan Stolt, Associate Superintendent of Diocesan Schools. 


Scholarship Application Information – "Invest in Kids Act"
Scholarships offered through the new "Invest in Kids Act" could cover 50 to 100 percent of tuition and eligible charges for your child next year. Key information about the program and application process are available on and the attachments (from this website) entitled, "EMP_About_Tax.Credit_Scholarship_Program," "EMP_FAQ_Students," and "Tax_Credit_Scholarship_Program_Apply." Information can also be found on the diocesan website ( and select CATHOLIC EDUCATION, or by contacting St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, Mrs. Patsy Santen, Principal, (, Mr. Russ Courter, Director of Diocesan Parish and School Finances, or Dr. Susan Stolt, Associate Superintendent of Diocesan Schools at (309) 671-1550.

Empower Illinois Scholarship Application Opens Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 7:00 PM
Empower Illinois is pleased to announce the Empower Illinois scholarship application system will open on Tuesday, February 27th at 7:00 PM.  The system has been enhanced to make it easier for families and to manage the demand expected for tax credit scholarships to private schools throughout Illinois.

The new application will be available through the Empower Illinois website.  It will be a two-step process.

1.         Reserve:  On Feb. 27 at 7:00 p.m. families will complete a brief online form containing name and contact information, child name and preferred school. This will time stamp your application for the first-come, first-served scholarships.

2.         Apply:  After reserving your place in line, families will be emailed a unique link and use their reservation code to complete the application. Applications will be sent on a rolling basis, over the course of a few weeks. After receiving the application email, families will have 3 days to complete the application and submit all required documents. 

Their goal with this two-step process is to make it easier for families and provide more time to ensure your application is accurate and complete. 

They understand that as parents and guardians, your life is busy. That’s why the reservation system will be accessible from mobile devices as well. Everything you will need for the reservation step should be top of mind. Once you get your application link, please use a computer to submit the required documents and finish the application accurately, without rushing. 

If a student has already received a scholarship award letter, they do not need to reserve or apply. However, all other students should reserve and apply through this system beginning Feb. 27, regardless of how far you may have gotten through the old application. 

More information, including helpful documents, FAQs and instructions, can be found on Empower website. 

They know your children only get one chance at a great education. They are grateful for your patience and trust as they work to improve access to quality education for every child, in every neighborhood.

If you have any questions please email Mrs. Patsy Santen, Principal, at 309-691-5012 or

Education Savings Opportunity

Effective January 1, 2018, families may now use 529 education savings plans for K-12 tuition at private schools.  Please click “529 Plan” for a fact sheet from the USCCB and the NCEA.  Grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles can help fund a 529 and send a child to a Catholic school.  Families should consult with their tax and financial advisors.



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