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St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School strives to make Catholic education affordable to all families. Annually, over $100,000 is awarded in scholarships to help offset the tuition costs to all families enrolled at St. Vincent de Paul.


FACTS – GRANT AND AID APPLICATIONS exist for the equitable assessment of parish families in particular need. Those parish families believing that their particular situation warrants a further reduction in tuition must FIRST apply for the John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship using the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to meet all the requirements for tuition financial assistance.

Your FACTS application is due by March 15th for the John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship as well as from the parish. The results of the FACTS findings will be reviewed by the Pastor of SVdP and representatives of the St. Vincent de Paul Finance Commission. Following the review, each applicant family will be notified of their applicable tuition reduction. The reduced tuition level is paid through the Automatic Debit system.

John Lancaster Scholarship Protocols and Procedures

Checklist for a Spalding Scholarship Application

FACTS website


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