Why Choose St. Vincent de Paul?

Join the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School family and you too can discover the difference… as we view the world through the eyes of faith.


Some of the greatest qualities of our school community include:

Catholic Morals and Values

At St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, morals and values are emphasized through daily practice, throughout the curriculum, and in leadership and service offerings.  Students at St. Vincent are exposed to the religious vocations, participate in weekly Mass, and celebrate sacraments, saints, special feasts and holy days.


National Blue Ribbon School

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School is the only Catholic school in Peoria that has received the prestigious recognition of National Blue Ribbon demonstrating its outstanding academic achievement.


STREAM Curriculum Initiative

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School is the only Catholic school implementing the STREAM initiative.  Using innovative teaching strategies that focus on the intentional integration of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, STREAM seeks to build 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, and Catholicity in our students. Components of our STREAM initiative include:

  • Partnering with NCEA STREAM Initiative and The National Center of STEM Elementary Education
  • Problem based learning and inquiry based learning projects
  • STEM certified teachers


Pre-Kindergarten Program

A loving environment with focus on developing the social, emotional, spiritual, and academic skills of the whole child is hallmark of our preschool program. Having a 1:10 student to teacher ratio allows us to create a very safe and nurturing environment with focus on the individual. The preschool offers a unit based curriculum and is organized around themes. Each classroom is divided into learning centers, which offer exposure to a wide variety of materials and experiences to engage children of different learning styles and levels. As educators of young children we understand children learn through play. Through the school day children will be offered opportunity to practice and develop skills while being exposed to Catholic Religion, math, pre-reading, science, social studies, health and safety, art, and music.


Academic Excellence and Individualized Attention

Strong academic achievement is a hallmark of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School!  Our academic proficiency levels as measured by the Iowa Test of Basic Skills far exceed national results. The following programs are just a part of the strength of our academic program:

  • Response To Intervention Program
  • Academy of Reading and Mathematics
  • Resource Teacher
  • Differential Instruction
  • 504 Learning Plans
  • Spanish (K-8)
  • Technology (K-8)
  • Art (K-8)
  • Music (K-6)
  • Musical Production (5-8)

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