St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School is a member of the Illinois Elementary School Association (IESA) and the Peoria Area Catholic League (PACL) and abides by their rules and regulations. The Athletic Program is one of the extra-curricular activities provided for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School students. The program is considered a privilege in which to participate. An Athletic Participation Fee may be required for some sports. (Basketball and Cheerleading definitely). (Adopted:9/89 Revised 9/97, 9/97, 5/08, 6/09, 5/13)



St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School offers the following sports programs. Please see the links below for information on individual sports.

  • Soccer PACL Grades K-8 : Coordinator - Sarah Chaddock
  • Cheerleading IESA 8th Grade Girls : Coordinator - Kim Bellamy
  • Basketball IESA Grades 6-8 : Coordinator - Chris Schifeling (Athletic Director)
  • Volleyball IESA Grades 6-8: (Girls) : Coordinator - Mandi McCallum
  • Track IESA Grades 6-8 - Coordinator - 
  • Cross Country IESA - Grades 6-8 - Coordinator - 
  • Golf IESA - Grades 6-8 - Coordinator - 


Athletic Sport Schedules

Please refer to our most current schedules for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School sports by clicking here.


Other Opportunities

In addition to Athletics, there are numerous other co-curricular opportunities offered to St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School students. These include: Drama, Scholastic Bowl, Scouting, and Student Council. Information about all of these activities is located on the St. Vincent de Paul website under programs tab. Eligibility requirements and behavior guidelines outlined below apply to all co-curricular activities.


Guidelines for Participation in Athletics/Co-Curricular Activities:

Eligibility Guidelines and Requirements

  • Teams will be compiled of same gender individuals.
  • Age Eligibility:
    • 8th grade students shall not have reached their 16th birthday prior to the beginning date of practice.
    • 7th grade students shall not have reached their 15th birthday prior to the beginning date of practice.
    • 6th grade students shall not have reached their 14th birthday prior to or during the season of the sport the athlete is participating in. Academic/Behavioral Eligibility Eligibility of the students will be determined by the Principal.


To maintain eligibility:

A student will not fail any of the academic subjects, including Religion. Mid-term first quarter grades and weekly grades thereafter will be used. Students failing to meet academic standards will be suspended from practice and games until grades meet the academic standards. Suspensions will be from Monday through Saturday with notification given to the student on Friday or last day of the school week. Students that become ineligible will be monitored weekly for the remainder of the season. If a student is ineligible three times within the school year, they will not be eligible to participate in ANY extra-curricular activities that follow the third ineligibility offense.



1. A student is ineligible during fall golf, again during winter basketball, and again for spring track, they will no longer be eligible to participate in ANY extra-curricular activities.

2. If a student is ineligible three times during the same sport season, they would be ineligible for ANY extra-curricular activities that would follow.

    • A student will cooperate with home and school in maintaining academic standards and Christian conduct.
    • A student will conduct himself/herself in a manner appropriate as a student of St. Vincent de Paul. The highest ideals of a young Christian man or woman should always be exemplified. As a team member, the student must understand that his/her actions, works, and behavior reflect on him/her, the team, and St. Vincent de Paul School.
    • A student will follow the directions and instructions given by the coach or moderator. Coaches and moderators are responsible for making the decisions and participants are responsible for executing those decisions.
    • A student will ensure that academic work is completed, preparation for tests takes place, and proper conduct at school is maintained.
    • Use or possession of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs and/or look-alike drugs will result in immediate dismissal for all extracurricular participation for the school year.
    • Any student involved in theft/stealing will result in immediate dismissal for all extra-curricular participation for the school year.
    • Attending a social function where alcoholic beverages and/or look-alike drugs are being consumed illegally will result in: First offense – 20 school day suspension from extracurricular participation Second offense – immediate dismissal from extracurricular participation

Any violation of school rules or gross misconduct which results in a suspension from school or an in-school suspension will result in a suspension varying from participation from extracurricular activities until the school suspension or in-school suspension is served to immediate dismissal from all extracurricular activities. Final determination will be made by the Principal.


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