Education Commission


The mission of the Education Commission is to foster within an educational environment the teaching and values of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. Through the promotion of these teachings and values, a Christian community is created where students are accepted, cherished, and challenged. The school recognizes that parents are the primary teachers of their children in faith development, and assumes a mutual responsibility to enhance this development as well as the academic, social, physical, and emotional dimensions of each child. 

St. Vincent de Paul Commission on Education Purpose and Function:

  • We are an advisory governance body for the educational mission of SVdP
  • We serve as a positive voice for the school
  • We provide direction in educational policy and planning
  • We advise the SVdP Pastor on all educational matters
  • We proactively formulate and adapt policy for the future
  • We do not act as a grievance committee
  • We do not hire, evaluate, or terminate faculty/staff
  • We do not administer to the school or tell the administrator how to administer
  • The Principal provides direction, policy recommendations, and information to the board
  • The Pastor is the ultimate authority for all Parish Committee’s (eg. Finance, Education, Building…)
  • We encourage dialogue between the Pastor, parish members and parish organizations regarding educational matters

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