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St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School
Our Mission

At St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School our mission is to form saints. With Jesus Christ at our center, we work in collaboration with parish and school families to form the whole child by cultivating heroic virtue and fostering academic excellence so that students may be equipped to build God’s Kingdom on earth.

To accomplish this mission, we provide a spirit of cooperation shared by each of the three major groups of our school family: school faculty and staff, parents, and students. The school recognizes the need for each group to accept the responsibility of openness to one another – sharing ideas and growing together in mutual respect and encouragement, thus building a valuable academic experience within a total faith community. The most defining characteristic of our school is our Catholic identity. We are committed to providing a place of belief for all children, a place where every child can encounter the perfect love of Christ, where each child can grow into the saint God calls them to be. We believe that by instilling Christian values and teachings, we guide our students on a journey of faith, helping them develop a deeper relationship with God and understanding of His love for them.

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