Miss Mackenzie is the 5th-7th grade Science teacher and 5th grade Religion teacher at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School. She has been teaching since 2021 after she graduated from Western Illinois University where she earned her BA in Elementary Education. She spent her first two years teaching in Catholic schools in the Quad City area as well as served as the Director of Religious Education at her home parish.

Miss Dunbar has a deep love for the Catholic faith. She loves sharing her love of the Eucharist and the Saints with her students. Miss Dunbar focuses on sharing the love of Jesus with her students and fostering their academic, social, emotional, and spiritual development. She enjoys guiding others into a closer relationship with Jesus and helping them to figure out who God created them to be. Miss Dunbar enjoys starting her days with Holy Mass and ending her days sitting with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

For Miss Dunbar, every day is a new adventure that the Lord is calling her to! Because of her openness to His calling, she has found herself traveling all over Central America and the United States as a missionary with different organizations and ministries. She has also served as a Totus Tuus missionary for the Diocese of Peoria. Miss Dunbar’s experiences as a missionary have molded her into a better disciple and a better teacher.

“To be saints is not a privilege for the few but a vocation for everyone.” -Pope Francis. In Miss Dunbar’s classroom, everyone is a future saint. Before they became Saints, the Saints had a past… and so does everyone else. Each of us has the chance to change, repent, and walk the path of virtue! #teachingfutureSaints