Megan Kelly is the director of the before and after care program at St. Vincent de Paul.  She has worked at the school since 2002. Two of those years were spent as a long -term substitute and the rest were in the CARE program. Megan went to SVdP, and did her service hours here while attending Peoria Notre Dame High School. After high school, Megan attended Bradley University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor in Elementary Education with an emphasis in English. If she were able to get paid, Megan would stay in college forever!  She loved it!

Miss Kelly belongs to St. Vincent de Paul Parish, and received her First Reconciliation, Communion, and Confirmation at St. Vincent. Her favorite saint is Mary. Megan’s mom is named after Mary, and it is her middle name as well. Megan even used Mary as her Confirmation name. The Hail Mary is Megan’s favorite prayer. She has always, for a reason unknown to her, been drawn to Mother Mary.

When not working, Megan loves to swim. She has been swimming since she was three, and has a pool in her back yard. Miss Kelly also enjoys reading. Her most favorite author is Dave Pelzer, who writes a series of books about his own abuse as a child, and how he overcame all of it. Megan is also a huge Chicago Blackhawks and Bears fan. You can catch her watching every game.

Megan makes her care room unique by providing a large variety of things to do. She takes the kids outside as much as possible for physical activity. There are also books to read, puzzles, building blocks, race cars and a kitchen area. Tutoring, computers, and a TV are also available.