Mr. Chad Mackey is a middle school math teacher at St. Vincent de Paul and has served as an educator since 1990.  He earned his Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Eastern Illinois University with an emphasis in mathematics and social studies.  In 2001, he earned his Master of Science of Education degree from Eastern Illinois University in Educational Administration.

Mr. Mackey exercises his faith daily in his classroom.  His favorite saint is St. James, the author of the letter of James, and his favorite prayer is Our Father.

When he is not teaching, Mr. Mackey enjoys making home improvements and repairs, along with spending time with his family and reading.  If he were not a teacher, he would likely work as a home improvement specialist.

Mr. Mackey makes his classroom unique by his willingness to incorporate new teaching strategies and technologies in the classroom.  He always strives to consistently engage all learners in the learning process.