Mrs. Roten is the librarian/IT person at St. Vincent de Paul School and has been in that position since 1993.  She is a life-long parish member at St. Vincent de Paul, and is an alumna of both St. Vincent de Paul School and Bergan High School.

Mrs. Roten uses her Catholic faith in the books that she chooses for the library and when choosing the activities she plans with the students during their library time.  The patron saint of the library is St. Jerome and Mrs. Roten has them ask him to pray for us each time they come to the library.  Her favorite prayer is the Hail Mary which is said at the beginning of each library session.

When she is not at St. Vincent’s, Mrs. Roten enjoys spending time with her husband, her daughter and family.  She is an avid NASCAR fan and enjoys following the Chicago Cubs.

Mrs. Roten makes the library a welcoming classroom where the love of reading is encouraged each time the students visit.  She brings a love of learning about God and his world to each student through the world of books.  “Everyone is a reader.  Some just haven’t found their favorite book yet.”  Mrs. Roten tries to help each reader find that favorite book during their time at St. Vincent de Paul School.