Mrs. Carlson is a Kindergarten teacher at St. Vincent de Paul since 2000 and a longtime member of our Parish. Mrs. Carlson earned her BA degree in Elementary Education from DePauw University and began teaching in 1992.

One of Mrs. Carlson’s favorite things to do in Kindergarten is read Bible stories to her students. She loves teaching her students about God’s love for us. Mrs. Carlson’s favorite saint is her classroom patron saint, Mary, Mother of the Holy Rosary. As a mother she prays to her for guidance.

When she is not teaching, Mrs. Carlson enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. Some of their favorite spots are the beach and the mountains. Mrs. Carlson loves traveling with her husband, Jim and enjoys reading murder mysteries.

Mrs. Carlson feels very fortunate to go to a job every day that she loves. She raised her family right here at St. Vincent de Paul Parish and School. Mrs. Carlson loves sharing her faith and her love of reading with her students.