Mrs. Woolley is an Aide at St. Vincent de Paul dividing her time between the Kindergarten classes and first grade.  She has worked at St. Vincent de Paul School since 1994.

Mrs. Woolley is a graduate of St. Vincent de Paul School and Bergan High School.  Her family is among the founding members of our parish.

Mrs. Woolley exercises her Catholic faith by regular Mass attendance and offering the Eucharist to others as a Eucharistic Minister and by being a good example to the little ones she works with and helping them be an image of God.

When she is not at school, Mrs. Woolley enjoys spending time with her two grown children who both graduated from St. Vincent’s and Peoria Notre Dame and her extended family and visiting with neighbors on the porch.

Mrs. Woolley’s favorite work is “trust” knowing that true happiness depends on a close alliance with God.